Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Nokia test appears

Our products are designed and sized to Lumia 900, but have different colors and some details, but also suggested that the model has revealed images only run Windows Phone 7.8.

Actual image of a strange form of Windows Phone Nokia has been provided on the site WPDang. Not really so obvious details that viewers can see just about the front of this product, the Windows Mobile interface enhancements, including Live Tile cells have many more sizes.
Product interfaces that run Windows Phone 8 or 7.8.
Product interfaces that run Windows Phone 8 or 7.8.

Technology enthusiasts speculated devices appear in the image provided by WPDang is a smartphone running test eight new Windows Phone. Product design and size equivalent to Lumia 900. But the difference when the monolithic shell with lemon yellow, the speaker phone above and below the three buttons are touch-line Prototype (sample sets).
Product design almost similar to Lumia 900.
Product design almost similar to Lumia 900.

However, it was suggested that the above equipment leaks is not a Windows Phone 8 of Nokia, which is a model running Windows Mobile 7.8, an upgrade to the current Windows Mobile 7.5.

No other information is revealed about the pictures and products have appeared in it. A recent article interviewing representatives from Nokia, Bloomberg said the Finnish phone company will introduce smartphones running Windows Phone 8 first Nokia World event held in September next.



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