Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How 'in-cell' technology could make the next iPhone ultra-thin

Apple has licensed production technology in ultra-thin screen-cell, can make a few mm thinner than the iPhone for the new generation.
iPhone 5 can be equipped with in-cell technology?
iPhone 5 can be equipped with in-cell technology?

Apple has achieved an important step, because the technology new LCD touch screen (in-cell) of them are officially licensed. Based on this technology manufacturers can integrate the sensor in the circuit layers of the screen.

This is considered a breakthrough in making tablet products and smartphone gets thinner, which is considered to have reached the current limit. Currently, the iPhone 4S and other sensors were placed inside the sensor layer on the LCD layer.

A lot of the advantage will be created thanks to the integrated structure of the LCD layer and layer into a single sensor, Apple said in the registration of their licensors. Some classes on the screen can be removed, reducing production costs, especially the thickness of the LCD screen, and sizing of the production process.

Technology called in-cell, which is expected before the integration on the 6th generation iPhone's upcoming Apple, Sharp and LG, which will be the production partner of the largest screen "Apple".


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