Thursday, August 9, 2012

Samsung with RIM produced smartphone BlackBerry 10

According to reports from Bloomberg, Samsung is planning to shake hands with RIM production smartphone in 2013 using the BlackBerry platform 10.

After RIM provides information source (proprietary) for a large number of partners to disseminate the BlackBerry 10 operating system, Bloomberg was quick to point their name, which is Samsung partners, major smartphone maker world today.
BlackBerry 10
Some models of the RIM BlackBerry.

After a Bloomberg's report revealed, RIM's stock price rose 4.2%, up to $ 7.62 / share. This is considered good news for RIM investors, because in the past 4 years, their stock prices always go down the way.

Experts predict the hands with RIM, the BlackBerry 10 platform using only steps that Samsung exploration conducted before the official takeover Canadian smartphone maker. Previously, the technology world many times each coil on the same information.

There are reasons to believe that the Korean giant is coveted RIM, as they are is a leading phone manufacturer in the world, but in their hands without any credible foundation that completely depends on the Android and Google.

With that, a huge number of users up to RIM's 80 million people are considered extremely valuable to anyone who owns the BlackBerry brand, in the context of fierce competition market today. The two sides have not made ​​any comments yet.


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