Thursday, August 16, 2012

Judge Urges Apple, Samsung to Make 'Peace' and Settle

The court said that the more likely the two will suffer little if no decision according to the lawsuit.

Apple and Samsung is the last chance to settle
Apple and Samsung is the last chance to settle

Latest News in the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple, the last witness will be convened this week, then the court will look to conclude next week.

However, Judge Lucy Koh, head of the jury is still wanted for the case of two technology companies leading a last chance to settle before the court's conclusions are made.

"I can see the risk of failure of both in this case," Ms. Koh said. Both Samsung and Apple may be faced with the compensation for damages, will be banned even if the product continues to pursue the case.

On the advice of Judge Koh, a representative of Samsung and Apple have agreed to hold a meeting to negotiate. Official time of the meeting were not disclosed, but maybe it will happen within this week.

In week two of the lawsuits, Samsung has pretty much call witnesses, mostly engineers working in design team to present its development plans Galaxy Tab tablet.

In particular, notably women Jeeyuen Wang design process shared about their hard work as the project developed the Galaxy Tab. They usually work about 20 hours / day for 3 months and confirmed that two versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been completed three months before the iPad launch (1/2010).

If the arrangement between the two companies do not achieve results, the more likely the case will continue next week and the results will be released in late August and early September next.


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