Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The shocking secret Apple revealed in court

Not the result of the lawsuit, but the truth is Apple unveils new court users particularly interested.

The largest lawsuit in the history of technology village ended after three weeks of trial. Samsung lose the competition for violating six of the seven patents that Apple charges, and to pay $ 1.05 billion.During the trial, the Cupertino-based technology company has revealed the secret information that if not, the user would not be able to imagine, Apple invest carefully for iPhone or iPad likeno.

The idea of ​​'madness'
After the unexpected success of the iPod, the question is what Apple will do next. There are many ideas to the "after" of Apple marketing vice president Phil Schiller revealed. These ideas include production cameras, cars and more "crazy".

Eddy Cue send email Tim Cook
Although Steve Jobs had rejected the idea of producing a 7-inch iPad in public, but in email Eddy Cue, vice president of Internet software and services of Apple sends Tim Cook 1 /2011, Jobs was very excited with the idea mentioned above.

'Purple Project'

In 2004, Jobs asked Scott Forstall, senior vice president in charge of iOS development, formed a design team of the iPhone interface. When employed in this project, the Apple engineers will hear questions such as: "This is a secret project and I can not tell you what the project is. Just know that you will have to work evenings and weekends for a few years. "

Apple is famous for security issues, but those who work in the "Purple Project", the security is also pushed up multifold. These people have to work in a particular area, the camera is ubiquitous. The first regulations of the place is called "Fight Club" is that you never mentioned it.

The prototypes of the iPhone
Some form of iPhone
Apple had outlined a series of samples of the iPhone before launching this product in 2007.It includes templates iPhone 8 next, iPhone inspired from the iPod Mini, and many other models, but ultimately the company decided on the shape of the first-generation iPhone because by Stringer designers, it is a beautiful formand most personality compared to other products already on the market.

The kitchen table
This may surprise many people, but when product design, Apple's design engineers in the room often sit in groups of about 15-16 people around a kitchen table.According to Apple, it feels as if they are working in a family. However, to complete only one button on the iPhone, the form of this product may be in the hands of about 50 people before officially approved.

Most iPhone users will buy shell case

Revealed very interesting but also showing that iPhone users cherish their products look like. According to a study from the Apple market, 78% of iPhone users bought shell case to protect the product.

Not receive feedback from users
While many companies often conduct surveys to assess the quality of the product, Apple went in the opposite direction. "We never try to meet and ask the customer what they want to feature in the next product. That's what we have to do, ", Schiller said Vice President.

Product marketing costs
Many people believe that Apple does not take the cost of marketing the product, but the reality is not so. When the iPhone launched, the company has spent $ 97.8 million to advertise the iPhone in the U.S. in 2008. With the iPad, the amount the company spent $ 149.5 million in 2010, when the iPad was first released.

The template iPad
Template Apple iPad stand has been producing research.
Like the iPhone, the iPad has been carefully cared before launch. In court, Apple has launched a series of template iPad, including design template with very thick and has no physical home key.


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