Monday, August 27, 2012

Samsung to indemnify Apple more than 1 billion

The jury gave the verdict today 25/8 in Federal Court in San Jose, California. Jury listened to each party presents in 25 hours of evidence and testimony before the discussion results Finally on day 22/8.

The company Apple, based in Cupertino, Calif., sued Samsung in April, 2011, and Samsung events in contrast, creating a patent war spread four continents to win the win the market smartphones worth 219.1 billion. The two companies have brought each other off the Court in the UK, Australia and South Korea.

The question of compensation in violation of clause in more than 600 sentences that the jury must answer. Apple claims to be compensated because 2.5-2.75 billion for that Samsung infringed four patents designs and 3 design software of iPhone and iPad. Samsung reclaim 428.8 million in compensation, citing Apple infringed 10 patents.

Samsung, Apple is are the two largest phone maker in the world.
Samsung, Apple is are the two largest phone maker in the world.

Apple also wants the computer table of Samsung prohibited selling permanently in America, instead of the present temporary ban, and the smart phone of Samsung must also be extended the term prohibition. Judge Lucy Koh, preside at the trial San Jose, will have to decide these issues to give final ruling along.

Patent wars began when Samsung launched Galaxy series phones in 2010. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Applehas deceased, complained to Samsung that Galaxy copying iPhone.

Samsung and Apple two smart phone maker in the world. Two studios hit each other out buildings although the extent still dependent on each other to play deployment. Apple buying parts from Samsung, contribute about 9% sales of Samsung and is also the largest customer of electronics of South Korea.

In the second quarter of this year, the global phone sales reached 406 million products, higher than 401.8 million year last year 's. In particular, Samsung and Apple make up close to half, according to market analysis firm IDC. Samsung overtake Apple to take the lead throughout the second quarter, with sales of factory-50.2 million phones, accounted for 32.6% market share. Meanwhile, Apple made 26 million telephones, 16.9% market share.

Both had won legal. Apple won a trial in the us next day 29/6, causing the line of Nexus phone Galaxy Samsung to stop the sale. However, Samsung 's products remain on the market when the Federal Court complaint in Washington.

In November last year, Samsung WINS Apple during the trial in Australia, allow products of Samsung still being sold normally. Trial in Seoul the day 24/7 ruling both companies are violating patents of each other and must stop selling a line number phone and computer table.


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