Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rumor: Microsoft Surface RT will be lighter than iPad, with 13hrs battery life

In addition, the tablet 10 inch Surface, running ARM platform, which can also be about 100 grams lighter than the competition from Apple.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is one of the long awaited product in the second half of 2012, because it brought in its expectations, is the first product that can compete with Apple's iPad tablet segment luxury.

In his debut last June, Microsoft has introduced a range of attractive features of the tablet screen 10 inch Surface as HD resolution, the quad core ARM chip, peel case cum nice wireless keyboard but the price and battery life of the product to be kept secret.

Recently, Mobimag quoted an anonymous source said, the Microsoft's tablet upcoming will own the battery life of up to 13 hours HD video running continuously, higher than the equivalent of about 10 hours of more advanced tablet models existing table.

According to this source, the Surface RT ownership regime "connected standby", allowing the computer to sleep mode with the ability to consume very little power, but still enough to get the new updates. When put in this mode, the standby time is from 320 to 409 Surface hours.

In addition, this source also revealed that the production of the Surface RT will own super light weight of 520 grams, 100 grams lighter than 625 grams on the iPad. Products will be marketed in late October, at the same time debut of Windows 8.


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