Monday, August 13, 2012

10 Android apps can not be ignored

If you are an Android user, such as Box applications (data storage), CloudOn (access to edit Office documents) or Any.DO (remember) is what you should not be ignored.

Chrome (free)

Chrome is the first application that users seek after buying an Android smartphone or tablet. Chrome allows users to log in using Google accounts, synchronizing all the tabs, bookmarks, passwords from computers and other devices to your mobile. Of course, this can not fail to mention one of the browser is fast and snappy today.

Robin (Free)

Robin is quite the same way operate with "virtual assistant" Siri of Apple, however, it has some advantages, such as support of information on Twitter, directions, providing real-time information at parking facilities for users.

Evernote (free)

Evernote is an application note familiar to mobile users. It has the ability to sort information science, which can synchronize on many different devices.

Any.DO (free)

Any.DO like a virtual management tools of daily work for the user. The application is very easy to use, enabling users to remember things to do during the day.

CloudOn (free)

CloudOn allows users full access to Microsoft Office applications on the tablet or smartphone. Users can create or edit PowerPoint presentations, Word documents even in the Excel column. It works like a virtual machine on your Android device.

Google Drive (free)

Google Drive gives users 5GB of free storage (with option to purchase additional storage). A pretty good feature of this application is that it allows users to upload files directly from your Android device, turning it into offline file format so users can access even when no Internet connection.

Swiftkey 3 (4 USD)

Swiftkey 3 helps users manipulate easier to type on a virtual keyboard on the device. It has the ability to fix and more accurate predictions from any kind of keyboard do. Even if the user forgot to type the space bar, it will automatically do the job.

CamScanner (free)

CamScanner turn your phone into a scanner or fax machine when necessary. You can scan a series of papers, bills, cards, books and store it inside your Android device. Camscanner has the ability to fax documents just scan through the Internet and join multiple files together.

Box (Free)

Box is a method to help users store and access data based on cloud computing. Box allows users to access files anywhere with high security (5-coding and automatic logout when the application is closed). It also has good ability to synchronize with your Google account.

Friday (Free)

Manufacturer of Friday, said this application has the ability to explore your life. It records the users activity when smartphone users use every day and develop a timeline system. Therefore, users can filter and search for what she did but can not remember through Friday.


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