Tuesday, August 14, 2012

For pre-order Apple iPhone 5 in the U.S. from 12/9

A week ago, iMore ever mentions the event Apple will introduce iPhone 5 to 12/9 to, and yesterday (13/8), this source also confirmed that the 6th generation iPhone will start placed before the United States at the same time on.

Release date iphone 5 to market later than expected about 9 days after the official product launch. The distribution Monday for iPhone 5 world market started in the first week of October, is expected on 5/10.

Information on the reservation and the distribution iPhone 5 for the world market in October was revealed to iMore from a source fairly accurate in the past.

However, product launch event and placed before the new generation iPhone has never happened before. Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S on 4/10 and started for customers to reserve three days later. The first batch of iPhone 4S is available to consumers on 10.14.2011, while the second batch is 10.28.2011.

Last week, iMore post information that Apple was planning to launch the new IOS devices with new, smaller connector, including the new iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPad, and iPad mini. However, on the specific introduction of these products were not disclosed.

6th generation iPhone expected to be a larger screen than the iPhone before life, thinner design, connector and headphone jack was redesigned.


  1. Samsung is S3 will be far better then iPhone 5(Worst ever mobile after using iPhone 4)......... Bad luck iPhone 5


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