Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Samsung surprises with the Galaxy S III toxic

Product ownership cap back in the shape of a fun dragon, unique gift Samsung dedicated to a customer in Canada.

Back in May, when the Galaxy S III just launched, a Canadian customer called Shane Bennett sent a letter to Samsung with the desire to own a Galaxy S III toxic. In a letter to Samsung, he can draw a blue dragon looks pretty funny.
The Samsung Galaxy S III belongs to Mr. Bennett.

At that time, the Galaxy S III is not sold in the Canadian market and Samsung Canada has politely declined the request of Mr. Bennett. However, Mr. Bennett was excited recently posted photos of a Galaxy S III with the lid loose a dragon flamethrower unique social network page, Samsung said it was a gift sent to him in order tri special guests. Moreover, the packaging of this product is also in the funny little dragons.

This is considered an act to please the customer of Samsung, after the company lost lose face in front of Apple in recent lawsuits. Samsung had more than $ 1 billion in compensation for violating six patents of "apples defects" and at the risk of being banned from selling the Galaxy product line in the U.S. market.


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