Saturday, August 18, 2012

The word 'Metro' back on Windows Store

Some sources explain this is only a small error on naming while Microsoft has not announced the official reason.

Metro interface is forced to turn over names is Modern UI
Metro interface is forced to turn over names is Modern UI. Photo: Techfactor.

Microsoft has quietly lifted rule application is not named with the word "Metro" on its application store. A source of WPCentral said, this is not the rules set out by Microsoft that is just a small error on Windows Store. Currently, the software maker still has not announced the official reason for this.

Before that, many applications have been returned to the developer in a state of "not confirmed" because their names contain the word "Metro". This has led to many software vendors have to think to worry because the new name for applications already familiar to users.

Some people initially expected this move by Microsoft to avoid all the hassle involved in trademark disputes "Metro" with retailer Metro AG of Germany. "Software giant" has even threatened legal action for unauthorized use of trademarks and forced to make new name for its interface is Modern UI replace the name Metro UI.


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