Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rumor: Microsoft's blockbuster tablets cost only 200 USD

If this information is true, this will be a model 10-inch tablet first owned super cheap price $ 200.

Surface tablets on hand CEO Steve Ballmer came out in June.

Home famous tech Engadget has just published a report startled many people, under which Microsoft's Surface RT tablet will shelves with price only $ 200.

If come true, this would be a shocking information technology in the village, by considering the many ways, Surface is a model worthy of high-level, fair competition with the Apple iPad's $ 500. Accordingly, Surface will be a 10 inch tablet first to price competition, only the equivalent of a 7-inch model is Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire.

Surface not yet released, so people could not carry out dissections to find out the costs of its production. The 8GB version of the Google Nexus 7 is approximately 160 USD to produce, whereas with a 10.6 inch model as Surface, only pre-production and the screen frame of the product was higher than 160 USD. That's not to mention the Surface is equipped with various other components such as base or larger flash drive.

Of course, this information is not unfounded, because with his potential, Microsoft could sell the hole completely to focus on selling hardware digital content. Previously, the company has also sell Xbox gaming device for 168 USD.

Microsoft has declined to comment on rumors, so users only by waiting until 26/10, when this product is sold to the official knew the damage.


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