Saturday, August 18, 2012

Google is upgrading Play Store and Voice Search on Android

Warehousing applications, online content and search features voice on the operating system Google Android are upgrading and adding new features.

Google Play Store are welcome to add new utilities.
Google Play Store are welcome to add new utilities.

With Play Store, Google is preparing for additional storage and application of its online content features to send, gifts like those on Apple's iTunes and App Store. This allows users to buy applications on the Play Store and send gifts to friends, or use your account to accept gifts of free content from other users to Redeem Code, gift card Gift Card . However, Google feature is not yet officially submitted to the user.

But in return, now, Play Store has started to support intelligent update feature called Smart Update, this is a utility that was introduced at the developers conference Google I / O takes place in June last it. Instead of downloading the whole early upgrade any software, Smart Update makes updating quick and cost much less space when only download the update changes.

In addition, features voice search on Google's Android Voice Search continue to be updated by adding new languages​​. As announced, Google said it is adding 13 more languages ​​to its platform, bringing the total number of supported languages ​​to 42.

The new list includes the Basque language, Bulgarian. Catalan, Portuguese European, Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian language, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Swedish.

With the addition of a series of languages, Google Voice Search is becoming a heavyweight opponent of Siri, speech-recognition engine on the Apple iPhone 4S. The Jelly Bean 4.1 update, Google Voice Search also added Google Now, smart looking gadget with the ability to handle the same language as Siri.


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