Friday, August 3, 2012

RIM will not monopolize the BlackBerry platform 10

Canadian phone maker is considering granting rights to use BlackBerry 10 for a production partner hardware.

BlackBerry 10
Dev Alpha - testing devices running RIM BlackBerry 10.
Thorsten Heins CEO personally spoke confirmed that the owner of the BlackBerry brand is considering granting rights to the BlackBerry 10 platform for a number of partners to bring new operating systems come with their most popular users more quickly.

That means that, for the first time in 2013, users can experience the handset of Samsung or HTC BlackBerry running OS 10. Mr. Heins said: "To provide BlackBerry 10, we will be carefully considered in choosing the right partner."

BlackBerry 10 is considered a "pontoon" in the end, decide success or failure of Canadian phone maker in the future. For over 4 years (since 2008), RIM's stock price has dropped dramatically from 150 USD to over 7 dollars in the last session.

Related to RIM, the company officially announced it will sell the product line of tablet PlayBook 4G LTE on 9/8 to. The new model will be built in calendar and contacts applications on a lack of Wi-Fi over a year earlier.


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