Friday, August 3, 2012

Microsoft Surface is the price of 599 USD?

ARM chip running version will be priced at the equivalent price of 32 GB iPad while the Intel chip prices run from $ 799, competes well with ultrabook.

Microsoft Surface

Surface-tech products are "hot" in the last week, but an important information that Microsoft "forgot" is not given the price. It is considered as determinants for many experts predict the success or failure of the product when sold.

Sources from Digitimes says RT version running Windows 8 will use AMD chips in price from 599 USD. Despite higher prices start at $ 499 iPad tablet but Microsoft's 32 GB capacity, equivalent versions of the same store with products from Apple. However, the advantage iPad than 2012 resolution screen.

Meanwhile, Surface run Windows 8 Pro versions use Intel Ivy Bridge will be priced from $ 799. This is a very competitive rate compared to other models currently on the market ultrabook are priced in the range from 899 to over $ 1,000.

Digitimes also revealed Apple's tablet is manufactured by Pegatron.


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