Saturday, August 4, 2012

Steve Jobs wants to produce iPad mini

According to information revealed in the lawsuit Apple - Samsung, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has agreed to produce a small tablet to compete with Kindle Fire.

steve jobs ipad mini

According to newly revealed information on Reuters, at 1/2011, Apple vice president Eddy Cue each call Tim Cook - who later became chief executive - developing a tablet to screen 7 inch size. A rather strange thing it is, email is considered "top secret" is Samsung announced this as evidence in court.

In the email, which was also sent to the vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller and Director of the array software development Scott Forstall, Mr. Cue noted that the development of a line of 7 inch tablet is essential .

According to Reuters, he sent many times Cue the idea of ​​a small tablet to Steve Jobs and Steve was approved in 2011.

According to some sources, Apple is rushing to produce tablets and 7 inch iPad Mini expected to announce this product on 12/9. According to analysts, Google sold the tablets Nexus 7 running the Android and the surprise appearance of the "rookie" Microsoft Surface can not ignore that Apple iPad Mini and the strategy will be the new its technology is based in Cupertino.


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