Saturday, August 11, 2012

Microsoft employees use the phrase "Modern UI Style" replaced the name "Metro"


Yesterday we were informed that the name "Metro" will be changed to the phrase "Windows 8", for example "user interface Metro" will be changed to "user interface Windows 8". However, according to the verge page, the Microsoft employees use an alternative name is "modern style interface" (UI Modern Style) to refer to user interface, new Start Screen, besides design "modern interface" is the phrase used to describe the application interface on Windows 8. In the past, Microsoft has used words like modern, large, fast and smooth to describe the new operating system for computers, however the name "Metro" is still widely used and maintained so far hours.

With the change of the name on, upcoming events related to Microsoft Bing Maps and Windows 8 will no longer sure that the appearance of "Metro", this is a rather unfortunate by Metro UI was associated Windows Phone users stick with the Zune player in a long time. The reason Microsoft does not want to dispute this name by suing them is the company Metro AG - the largest retail group in Germany, so if you want to focus all resources on the development Windows 8 and WP8, Microsoft was forced to quickly change name "Metro" and find more reasonable name.

Sources from the verge


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