Friday, August 17, 2012

The troubling point of the iPhone

Ability to customize poor, missing shortcuts, bad email application ... are the points that users expressed discomfort at the Apple smartphone.

iPhone as most popular smartphone today, however, does not mean that it is considered a perfect product. And quite a lot of shortcomings of the Apple handset, make users not help but feel a nuisance to use.

Can not customize

Owning an iPhone means that the user interface to accept the default home screen with 16 icons for applications (additional 4 original application below). If you want to change the look of the home screen, you should look for a different handset. Apple does not allow users to add shortcuts, widgets or as wallpaper on Android.

There is no shortcut

When using the iPhone, users can not access quickly to turn on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, switch to flight mode or adjust the screen brightness.

Siri looked like a toy

Overall, Siri is a compelling applications and potential. However, because only in beta, the application of voice recognition iPhone get a lot of silly errors when answering the questions of the user. Clearly, Apple has much to do to turn Siri really become a virtual assistant outstanding.

Battery life is poor
Battery of iPhone 4S less than advertising

If you are a regular use iPhone for daily work, it's better that you should take advantage of the charger to energize for your smartphone spare time. For some Android smartphone, the user can remove the battery cover means that they can be equipped with additional backup battery, but with products like the iPhone monolithic design, which is impossible.

Automatic predictive and edit messages

System dictionary on the iPhone rather "less intelligent". It does not update the new words in the dictionary that is sometimes causing fatal errors to the user. For example, when you type sec (short for second), it will automatically adjust to the sex.

Can not change default browser

For many users, Chrome and Firefox is their favorite browser. However, if you use your iPhone and install the browser, users still have to use Safari as your default browser. That means that, when the user receives a new update from social networks, open links from other posts, they have to go through Safari.

Mail applications bad
Mail is one of the biggest complaints about the application of the previous IOS version. According to the announcement from Apple, on iOS 6 mail features will significantly improve these limitations.


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