Friday, July 20, 2012

8 features "top" of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

- After the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has released a new version of its Android operating system is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with a series of dramatic improvements worth noting.

Not a completely new version, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean merely an additional update. However, this version makes more users satisfied thanks to the new interface, faster operation and a range of new features are added. These features were rated as highly competitive and will certainly threaten the new mobile operating system of Apple, iOS 6.

Google Now and Search

Biggest highlight in Jelly Bean is the ability to offer interactive intelligence based on current location of users, thanks to a feature called Google Now. This new feature can help Android users constantly updated with new information regarding stand locations, very flexible. Google Now is somewhat "akin" to the interaction of Siri on IOS 6 but the performance of Google's I / O, Google Now may be smarter thanks to abundant sources of data from its search engine .

For example, you are to a certain restaurant for dinner, Now Google will offer the options of nearby restaurants and the most delicious menu based on customer reviews. Or this feature will provide information about the entrance, take off time, relevant information when you are looking for a business trip flight times.

Notification bar has many new features
Jelly Bean's notification bar had some positive changes, notably the programmer can design Notification system from within the application. Notification bar not only for information about missed calls, messages, new emails, but also display information from different applications such as Music, Pulse and Plus Google without access to the application. Therefore, the Notification also serves as music player controls and radios.

Google Now Voice Search Feature

The most obvious change in the Jelly Bean is a system with voice search, Google Voice is not inferior development of Apple Siri. Search results include not only sites but also images and related content.

The Widget can be resized
This is a feature that has appeared on the products of Google partners, such as Live Panel on Samsung's TouchWiz interface. The widget can resize or adjust to fit the screen size is available on any other widget. This is a valuable feature for those who often get the message screen with no room to add widgets or icons.

Application of the new camera
Jelly Bean's camera application allows users to review the new photo shoot just by surfing to the right action at the screen shot without having to switch to the Review. And if you delete any picture, users simply sweep their finger up and down.

Butter Project: improving performance
Butter Project Feature focuses on improving performance and fast response time increases significantly, more specifically, is to improve the response of Android user interface. Through screen technology vsync speed operation at 60 frames per second continuously, with Triple Buffering technology helps buffer 3 times the graphics will help smooth the image, move the paging or animation framework better.

Voice input
Jelly Bean is also capable of voice input without a network connection (Offline Voice Typing). This is something that "assistant" Siri Apple's voice can not be realized. Features voice input on the type giala Jerry Bean works well with fast processing speed, but now this feature only supports English. Google said it will update further 18 other languages ​​for Android.

Android Beam Better and Bluetooth
Android Beam supports shared images and videos via Bluetooth connection instead of a web address, the text or book as before. Users can easily automatically connect to any other Bluetooth device is equipped with NFC technology, including speakers, headphones ... with their handset.


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