Monday, July 9, 2012

Phone Nokia Lumia 910 running Windows 8 appears

Machine design not very different from Lumia 900, will soon be introduced before Nokia release a smartphone running Windows Mobile 8 is new.

Lumia 910 design similar to the Lumia 900
Lumia 910 design similar to the Lumia 900

According to the blog of Dutch technology is NieuweMobiel, Nokia Lumia 910 on the list of tested applications and devices will be running Windows 8 user first launches. This product previously been leaked and is expected to launch in May / 2012, but then "heard from very negative signal."

However, it appears to the back and try running the application, it is believed that Nokia already has a plan carefully for this product. Accordingly, Lumia device 910 will be the first to run Windows 8, set the stage for the new Windows Mobile smartphones later this firm.

According to some reports, Lumia 910 not much difference compared to Lumia 900, 12 megapixel camera and external memory of 32 GB. The product will soon be able to keep the treadmill of Nokia without interruption, before the device completely new Windows Phone 8 release.


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