Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Events of 12/9 was confirmed by Apple

Reuters and AllThingsD page has confirmed that an Apple event took place on 12/9 and more likely to appear 6th generation iPhone.

6th generation iPhone.

Rumors of Apple held an event on 12/9 to introduce a new product pages for iMore and iLounge published yesterday (30/7). Information became more reliable as today (31/7) and AllThingsD Reuters quoted sources close to revealing the Apple event on 12/9.

In this event, it is likely Apple will release the new generation iPhone, new iPod touch, iPod Nano and even upgrade a version iPad Mini.

iPhone 6th generation device is expected out of all. Apple's smartphone this is to use size 4 inch screen, new smaller connector and headphone jack, turn down the bottom edge.


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