Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High-resolution screen Kindle Fire 2

Amazon is expected to design a Fire Kindle 2 is thinner, prettier, launched in the quarter III/2012.

Kindle  Fire 2 pixel density on will be significantly improved.
Kindle  Fire 2 pixel density on will be significantly improved.

Google debuts Nexus 7 has brought clear positive effects for capital markets tablets are dreary. Not long after the product user interface, information about the iPad mini or Kindle Fire 2 - its main rival - over and over with many attractive features.

Recent reports of AllThings D said Amazon wants to make revolutionary changes on the Kindle Fire to compete with Googe Nexus. Specifically, the resolution screen of this product will be pushed to the 1280 x 800 pixel, pixel density is 216 ppi, up 67% over the previous version. In addition, Kindle Fire 2 will be slim and trim design own stunning.

With these changes, most likely on the Kindle Fire 2 screen aspect ratio is 16:10 instead of 10:6 before. Sources also confirmed that the cheap plastic casing of the machine will be replaced by more luxurious metal.

This product is likely to launch in the third quarter III, at the same time cheap smartphones running Android, but the company is cherished.


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