Friday, July 6, 2012

Google tablet Nexus 10 will be price $ 300

This device will likely debut in the fall, along with a new Google phone Nexus.

Google nexus 7
Google nexus 7

Shortly after Google released the tablet Nexus 7 and create certain effects, most technology sites simultaneously reported, the company is ready to release a Nexus the other, this time version 10 inches.

Digitimes claims Google is for orders from Wintek and its partners produce 10-inch screen for my new equipment. Meanwhile, PhoneArena says Nexus 10 will follow suit "brother" of its 7-inch, released in the form of a tablet cheap as never before.

Specifically, the Nexus 10 will be $ 300 for the 16 GB, which is only 50 USD more expensive than the 16GB of the Nexus 7. This product can be released in the fall, along with a new generation phone Nexus.

Regarding configuration, the machine is equipped with quad-core chip Tegra 3 while the screen resolution has not been announced (probably Full HD).


  1. Amazing for the 10 inch version Nexus 10 will be $ 300 for the 16 GB. This is also will makes certain effect on the market. The Nexus 7 is successfully, and let's waiting for the Nexus 10's coming.


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