Monday, July 30, 2012

The two "blockbuster" Nokia launches on 15/8

- Nokia will launch two "blockbuster" new Lumia 910, 920 at the "World Event" on 15/8 to. Two phone works on Windows Phone 8.

Rumors said that the mobile phone manufacturing Finland - Nokia plans to demonstrate two Windows Phone 8 for the first time in "World Event". Windows Phone 8 supports a range of new features, specifically support multiple CPU cores and the new versions can change the size of tile, applications and widgets.

Early last month, Microsoft has officially announced the new Windows Phone operating system, version 8. It was upgraded a slew of new features in Windows Phone 8, but the manufacturers, especially Nokia again less fun.

Since its first smartphone - Lumia 900 debuted a few months can not upgrade the operating system. However, it seems Nokia will continue to pursue this platform as much information that they will release Lumia Lumia 910 and 920 run on new platforms.

The time now Windows Phone 8 ranked 4th in the market behind Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Here are the salient features of Windows Phone 8:

- Support multi-core processors

- Bigger screen, more features: Windows Mobile 8 supports two screen resolution - 1280x768 and 1280x720 in order to best support the new smartphone is equipped with 720p high-definition screen.

- Store more flexible: Windows Phone 8 removable MicroSD card support so that users can increase the storage capacity of pictures, songs ...

- NFC Connection Sharing: In Windows Phone 8, NFC support to share photos, Office documents and contact information easier.

- Browser IE 10: New version of Windows Mobile will have the same structure as web browsers for Windows 8 PC and  tablets. Microsoft confirmed that IE 10 works faster and more secure with the anti-phishing features such as SmartScreen filter to block malicious websites and block malicious code.

- E-wallet.

- Improved features directions and maps.

- The friendly applications and games.


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