Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Google takes 5 years to develop 'assistant' Google Now

If Apple simply acquirer Siri to integrate the IOS, then the creation of applications Google Now consumes little time and money.

Google Now is the strategy to help Google compete with Apple's Siri on IOS.
Google Now is the strategy to help Google compete with Apple's Siri on IOS.

Now Google is said to be the most attractive features of the update Android 4.1 operating system that Internet giant has released. This application allows you to search based on real time and the surfing habits of users, instead of illustrating that some "dead" as many other speech recognition engine.

Recently, this has revealed information about the process they build voice recognition tools such as this. Accordingly, the search giant industry has gone through five years to develop Google Now, including self-build database, acquired many companies and hire some professionals to serve only for the project this.

In 2007, Google hired Mike Cohen, co-founder of Nuance Communications - technology group renowned software - to develop databases of their voice recognition. Cohen has officially ended employment contract with Google in early 2012, but work is still continuing

12/2010, the company acquired Phonetic Arts, which generated robot voice on this application more clear and easy listening. In addition, Google also careful acquisition software to collect and calculate information on flights, in order to provide a reminder to the user, along with some applications online travel guide to make the most accurate information when users need to search.

Among the services they buy, not to mention Metaweb, hosting services and organize the world's leading information present time, to arrange and organize a scientific information service for user's search.

This application, along with Android 4.1, will be integrated on the tablet Nexus 7, due out later this week. With other Android devices, manufacturers will soon announce schedules updated to Android 4.1 within the shortest time.


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