Sunday, July 8, 2012

iPad mini 7.2 mm being produced

As a technology blog from Japan, iPad Mini will be equipped with 3G connectivity and thinness of ownership equivalent to a 4th generation iPod.

The concept is said to be the iPad mini from Apple.
The concept is said to be the iPad mini from Apple.

iPad mini is the most mentioned names in the past, after Google launched the Nexus 7 cheap, while Amazon is said to be nearing completion of the Kindle Fire 2 screen resolution is higher.

According to previous rumors, this product has a 7.85 inch screen size, priced at U.S. $ 250-300. Recently, the technology blog of Japan is Macotakara quoted a source from China said, iPad Mini will be a little larger than thin Nexus 7 and is equivalent to an iPod 4th generation (7.2 mm).

This source said, has witnessed a form of mini iPad with the origin of the product from Foxconn's factory in Brazil. This product is also equipped with 3G connectivity, launched in September along with the new iPhone and officially on shelves at the end of year shopping season.


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