Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keep Malware Off Your Android Phone: 5 Quick Tips

Malicious software (malware) on mobile phones is growing rapidly, while the user is not focusing on protecting the equipment and your personal data.

Because malicious software on the Android platform appears more and more, you must be closely monitored to see what is happening on the phone or tablet. Smartphone is basically the  tablet , should also be infected by viruses, abused for phishing, and many other forms of attacks from malicious software.

5 tips below will help you hold the phone or Android tablet free of infection with malware.

Always find out the release of the application: With each application, without any different features compared with other applications, or somewhat shady maybe you should stay away. You should also notice the issuer does not have its own website. If not, maybe their product is not reliable. You should also read the reviews online, but remember that Android Market assessment is not always true. Take a look at the reviews on reputable sites such as PCWorld, AppBrain, or AppLib to verify carefully before you press the button to download an application.

Always check what applications are allowed to do: Whenever you download or update an application, you will see a list of requests authorization for it. For example, an alarm clock application may not need to see your contact list. In general, if an application requires more than what it needs to operate, you should ignore.

Avoid installing directly the Android package file (APK): When the game first Angry Birds to the Android platform, you can only download from a catalog of third-party applications, and application installation using an APK file. Although Angry Birds is not malware, generally require vigilance should not download and install the APK file from the website or the store third-party applications. Almost like you would not know what files are contained in it until you install - and then it was too late.

Using software prevention malware and virus: Some security companies have big names provide mobile security options, many of which application is released free of charge. For example, Lookout Mobile Security application can scan your phone to make sure malware is not to get into the machine. Furthermore, most anti-virus utility room features allows you to track the location of their phone, even allowing remote lock and wipe your personal data if you lose the set be.

Beware of scams: When using a smartphone, you are easily subject to fraud (phishing), easy to stick to the malicious site, and be "example" to download malware, just as when you use your computer. The malicious sites often find ways to trick users into entering personal information, even more pages with the ability to automatically download malicious software on your phone. Since the phone has a smaller screen, so than when using a computer, a user to accidentally click on a link much more suspicious. You remember, the application available as Lookout Mobile Security safe browsing features in the Premium version.


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