Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8 smartphones will be updated to Android 4.1

Samsung and HTC are two manufacturers announced it will soon upgrade the machine model Galaxy, One series to the latest version of Android

After Google released Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the phone company also began plans to upgrade its equipment to Android 4.1. Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, is the first name announced it would upgrade the model One X, One S to Jelly Bean, but not given specific schedule.

Meanwhile, Samsung unveiled a plan it will go away the model Galaxy S III, S II and Galaxy Note its right in August or September to with Android 4.1. In the opposite direction, Sony, LG, Motorola and Asus have not released any information about plans to upgrade the operating system for your Android device. And now, only users of the product line Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S is used Android 4.1.

The following model has been and will be upgraded to Android 4.1 next time:

Galaxy Nexus
As a "pet" Google should of course be in favor of Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.1 update soon. Model property to configure dual-core processor at 1.2GHz, the screen comes HD 4.65 and camera 5-megapixel supports video recording Full HD. Current price of the Galaxy Nexus on the market fell to around  349,00 US$ .

Nexus S
The predecessor of the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, the model also received many favors from Google as soon bring people to experience Android Jelly Bean. Appearing on the market nearly two years, Nexus S only owns a single-processor 1GHz, Super AMOLED screen with 4 inch size, camera 5 "dots".

Galaxy S III
Android Smartphone highest levels of the company Samsung will soon be updates for upgrading from the current Android 4.0 to version 4.1. With 4 cores Exynos processor, HD screen Super AMOLED technology with 4.8-inch size and a range of exclusive features from Samsung helps S III caused more impressive in recent years.

Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note is the smartphone Android has bigest screen today, is a miniature tablet while also adds support for S-Pen pen. Note owns 2 core processors with impressive performance and better Galaxy Nexus should be able to work with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will definitely not a problem.

Galaxy S II
Galaxy S II has a smaller screen Note, property performance and featuresnot worse than when equipped with dual-core processors and high performance. Samsung's 4.3-inch model is currently used version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich with Touch Wiz interface. Most likely the Galaxy S II along with the Note will be updated to Android 4.1 as S III.

Model of HTC are considered formidable opponents of the Galaxy S III owning three Nvidia Tegra processor quad core, 4.7 inch HD screen, design monolithic with 8-megapixel camera featuring high-quality imaging .

HTC One XL (One X dual core)
The difference of One XL and One X is configured with dual-core processor quad-core Qualcomm S4 replaces Nvidia Tegra 3. Because of the Qualcomm processor only supports 4G LTE network, while the Nvidia is not.

One S is not inferior to One X. One S using Android 4.0 with Sense UI interface, camera 4, 8 Megapixel with ImageSense technology, sound Beats Audio, Jelly Bean updated the next time, however One S model is a dual-core configuration, the display Figure 4.3 inch nHD and design standards from the metal monolith.


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