Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Google Now and Siri - the battle between the virtual assistant

Unlike Siri, Google Now is a simple search engine with support for voice input and output the results based on search habits of users.
Now Google is worthy of an opponent of Siri
Now Google is worthy of an opponent of Siri

Siri has created a craze with the launch of Apple iPhone 4S. Even then also had some products with similar functions was introduced, it is believed that Google Now, the search engine built on Android 4.1, is Siri's main rival.

Back to the time when Apple acquired Siri few years ago, users have to figure out the prospect of war between the two search for "extended" Apple and Google. But then Steve Jobs has confirmed that Apple bought Siri not to intrude into the search field, and indeed when the product launches, we understand that Jobs not joking.

Siri is integrated on the iPhone 4S, acting as a virtual assistant intelligence, rather than a search engine. Siri is designed to remind, send messages, set appointments ... In other words, it is considered as a machine "have knowledge" appropriate to answer questions such as "USA's GDP how many ". However, in everyday life, Siri did not actually create the same effect as the nickname "assistant" that people give it.
That is why, the developer event Google I / O, is also the first to be exposed to Android version 4.1 of Google, was optimistic about the search feature called Google Now , by the reality of it.

Essential features
When users have an important appointment, they will store calendar appointments on the Calendar application, Google Now will automatically send a notification about 30-45 minutes before the appointment takes place, should recommended for users up. Even the traffic factor was "the assistant" is calculated before the notice to the user.

Besides, like Siri, Now Google can answer questions such as "USA's GDP is how much?", But when given the speed of Google Now answer a few seconds faster than Siri.
Google Now give the notice or results based on surfing habits of users
Google Now give the notice or results based on surfing habits of users.

Another smart addition of this feature is, if you regularly use Google Search to find out information about a certain football match, Now Google will automatically send the message, update latest results of the match.
Besides, the time of flight, or what the user has scheduled advance through the browsing history of users, Google will send a notice Now to be sure, users do not miss any events important.

Hugo Barra, head of product development for Android, Google Now department had to spend several months just to make it out to the speed of the tool is faster than a few seconds.

The war power balance               
Balance seems to be leaning on Google Now, if only based on that feature that Google Now outperformed Siri, it is true to false. Who knows, Siri is only in beta (testing) and with the debut this fall iOS 6, Siri will be improved significantly.

There is an undeniable truth is that Google, along with their partners extremely "poor" in making periodic updates roadmap for Android devices, like the way Apple do with the iDevice. An example of this is to point out, Google released Android 4.0 from 7 months ago, but until the present time, only about 7% of devices running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Most of the remainder are using version Gingerbread Android operating system, released in 2010.

That means, it takes about a year for Android users Jelly Bean and updated to take advantage of the features of Google Now. During that time, Apple may have sold many millions of devices up IOS, integrated Siri and "score" before Google.

That's not to mention, Apple will have more time to study and continue to improve before Siri undue delay of the opponents


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