Monday, July 30, 2012

The 'heavy weapons' will be on the iPhone 5

Apple said the next version of the operating system for mobile IOS 6 will release this fall, but has not said anything about "blockbuster" iPhone 5. However, many new features have been rumors about this device.

Improve Security
The final agreement is not complete, but Apple has just announced it will buy network security provider and mobile AuthenTec. This acquisition could help strengthen the security for Apple iPhone, such as content security and fingerprint recognition - a feature that security company AuthenTec has sold to a manufacturer of computer and recent agreed to give Apple's smartphone competitors are Samsung.

According to PCWorld, before the takeover plan was announced, Samsung has registered clients using the service AuthenTec's QuickSec on their Galaxy devices. If Apple completed the acquisition AuthenTec, for $ 356 million, then Samsung will have to switch to a different VPN vendors for the products for their businesses.
iPhone 5

The new version of the operating system was equipped with feature IOS 6 called Passbook. This feature will initially be used to store coupons, customer ID card, travel tickets ... But some observers believe that technology, new features will be built for next-generation iPhone to payment for programs based on proprietary technology NFC (near range of communication) built on the Passbook.

AuthenTec's technology can help Apple security any features NFC has been done on the new iPhone. That will make the device more attractive for IT managers at large companies, many of them are looking for alternatives on the RIM BlackBerry devices - the company is facing the future blind MIT even though the BlackBerry device beloved capital in the enterprise.

19 pins connector
Newspaper Reuters recently announced that the next generation iPhone will use 19 pin connector instead of port 30 pins used on all IOS devices today. Smaller connector will create a larger space for the headphone jack at the bottom of the phone. This paper is similar to that newspaper story iMore mentioned earlier in the year, while saying that Apple is a small research base for future devices.

If Apple replace the 30 foot base, this is not very good signal to the accessory manufacturers and consumers, because these companies will create new speakers, chargers and accessories is not only compatible with new products but also to support the current iPhone model years. As for users, if they now own the iPhone accessories they need an adapter to be compatible with Apple's new device uses 19 pin connector.

Thinner screens and larger
The images of the iPhone 5 recently appeared on photo-sharing site Photobucket has shown, the screen of the iPhone 5 is greater than the current iPhone 4S. Images also shows the front camera is placed in the center of the device, just above the headset.

In May, 9to5Mac has posted the same image, also shows that the longer the screen frame. At that time, the Wall Street Journal also quotes from unnamed sources close to that, the new generation iPhone will have a 4 inch screen size.

In another article in this month, the anonymous source said that the iPhone 5 will use new technology to screen much thinner than the iPhone's current screen. They said, companies like Sharp, LG Display and Japan is producing a series of screen panels for next-generation iPhone to use in-cell technology, integrated into the touch sensor in the display LCD. As a result, will not need to create a separate layer for touchscreen. The elimination of this class is going down not only make the display thinner, but also increases the image quality.

Support 4G (LTE)
Most analysts believe that the new iPhone will use Qualcomm chip, allowing the phone to connect to GSM networks (3G and 4G LTE).

In fact, a large number of users are planning to buy or upgrade to the iPhone 4G first. Many of them said that LTE wireless technology is the main reason to choose to buy the new generation iPhone.

Chip quad core
Product will be equipped with quad-core processor called A6 is not inferior to the quad-core products arose this year. In addition, the iPhone 5 is equipped with 1GB RAM memory, stored in memory expandable up more, maybe 64 GB or 128 GB. Also, the rumor also said that the new generation iPhone is equipped with 3D screens and absolutely waterproof.


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