Friday, June 29, 2012

BlackBerry brand is difficult to find a new boss

Production department smartphone is facing the future blind, patent numbers are few reasons why RIM is not appreciated by the partners want to buy.

RIM was judged that the lack of potential partners are not keen on acquisitions.
RIM was judged that the lack of potential partners are not keen on acquisitions.

Before RIM announced financial results quarter II report, analysts had been waiting out a dismal results from the BlackBerry brand owners and that, RIM does not have many opportunities for attracting heart of the partners.

"We do not think RIM owns great potential," analyst Brian Blair of Wedge Partners said.

Not incur a debt which owns about $ 2 billion cash in the bank and a business phone brand BlackBerry fame, many people believe that, just RIM signal, the partners would be willing to reach and pay the price.

However, this is not the same. Most analysts have said that RIM is not "prey" ideal of the major brands like Microsoft or Amazon, by the production department of its smartphones, which is also the most coveted partners, the are faced with difficult problems pile up.

Along with that, there are too few number of patents is a major disadvantage of RIM, while only database system of this company is to be appreciated.

RIM now owns about 4,200 patents, the estimated value from 1 to $ 3 billion, a figure not bad. However, compared to a troubled rivals like Nokia, RIM is still less secure. Phone Manufacturer Finland owns 30,000 patents, patent numbers which any manufacturer should always dreamed of.


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